Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So, while I'm sitting in this hotel room in NY, I have to find things to keep me occupied. I found this website where you can upload your own photos and see what your potential future children would look like.....Hmmm....I'm not sure why they all had red hair....and they all look so different....and neither of them look like me OR Tye....


  1. How ODD...in the nicest possible way. LOL!

  2. Ha! How weird. My name is Chelsea too and I was going to say almost the exact same thing as the above Chelsea. How VERY odd...the baby looks like she has lipstick and blush on! Melissa-i'm so glad you have decided to do this! Have fun in NYC, I'll be there right before New Years :)

  3. Melissa, what's the website? We've been married 5 years, no kids, but perhaps if I can come up with some funky looking pictures, I can put off my husband for a year or two more. Ha! :)

  4. W-O-W!!! They don't look like you OR Tye! I don't get it, but I'm glad your having fun! I have no school Thursday so I can watch you on GMA! I'm so excited! Have fun in NY!!!

  5. This is so funny to me! :) Welcome to the blogging world, by the way! You will love it. I just got married and all of my wedding stuff is on my blog if you are into all of the small fun details of planning! have fun!

  6. I wouldn't go by this at all. You and Tye will have beautiful kids. There is simply no other option for the two of you!!! :)

  7. Loved your segment this morning on GMA Melissa! Can't wait to see what dress you chose for your big day. How fun to have met the designers of your dress!

    You must be getting very excited. It sounds like it's coming up quickly. I wish you & Tye great joy and much love as you begin your life together. May you be as happy as me & my hubby of 15 years! :-D

  8. Was the "pooch payoff" waiting when you got home?

  9. and those kids look so cute,
    but i'm sure, when you get
    pregnant, and a boy or a girl
    will come out of your belly,
    you and Tye will have the
    most beautiful child, that ever
    lived on this planet, annd then
    there will be another one,
    and then maybe some more,
    but i'm sure, that in 15
    years time, you will be
    looking just like you are now,
    you just won't change over
    the course of the next 15 years,
    and in 15 years time, you're gonna
    look just the same, and the same
    thing will be with Tye, he still
    will be incredebly hot at 40,
    you guys gonna look just the same,
    but alongside you, there will be,
    Amelia, Chad, Rebecca, and Tyron,
    i think, that you gonna have 4 kids,
    in two sets of twins, and you might
    think, you won't look as good
    as 15 years before, but you're
    such a strong person, and i'm sure,
    that in 15 years time, you will weigh
    even less than today, you will be even
    more beatuful than now, you will be
    41 years of age, and having a body
    of a 21-year old.

  10. Hi Melissa! I went to tech with Tye and I think y'all are too cute! I love blogging and will be following yours now. Congratulations on everything!

  11. Tye and I ran in the same circles at TTU...welcome to the bloggie world!!

  12. The girl on the top left with the braids has your eyes...but other than that, nothing! Haha

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